How The Accounting Business And SEC Hobbled America`s Audit Watchdog - zonnaluvd3 How The Accounting Business And SEC Hobbled America's Audit Watchdog

zonnaluvd3 — How The Accounting Business And SEC Hobbled America's Audit Watchdog

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Russians have been additionally behind the largest cyber crime case in U.S. historical past. Federal prosecutors named four Russians and a Ukrainian in a banking card fraud spree that price corporations including J.C. Penney Co, JetBlue Airways Corp and French retailer Carrefour SA greater than $300 million.

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The recipient of a FIRREA subpoena, properly served, should reply with the information requested or appear to testify by the return date specified within the subpoena, except that deadline is unreasonable. Failure to conform promptly with a FIRREA subpoena can result in sanctions for contempt towards the recipient.

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